Time to energize (Part 2)

A month into the shed with the end of the year deadline looming it is time to put the roofing on. Then Alex and Wes could get started. The balance of work (siding, doors and gates) could be done while they are working and after they are done.

We choose metal Standing Seam roofing material. Besides not having any through penetration of fasteners the metal standing seem allows for the use of the S5 clamp system. The S5 is used to mount signage, snow guards, etc. and more recently the solar industry has caught on.

The solar components started to arrive by semi truck. There were three total shipments that came at three different times. All but one driver braved our steep driveway. Hats off to these guys and their abilities to move such large machines in such tight places.

We had one scare. The batteries shipment arrive looking pretty tattered. Upon a full inspection the batteries themselves were fine. Several of the hardware sets were lost but Colorado Solar had new ones shipped right out.

We went with (12) LG MonoX Neon 300 Watt panels to make a 3.6kWh system. They are one of the top efficiency panels available today.

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