Time to energize (Part 1)

This year we decided to finally go solar! After years of dreaming, talking and scheming about it, we finally pulled the trigger. It will take several months to complete primarily because we need to build a building for the panels. The house may face South but it surrounded by trees and is really tall. Plus that roof is over twenty years old!

Alex Jarvis, from Solar Systems of Indiana, and Master Electrician Wes Biddle were called in for final planning (and installation). It was determined that the best location for the panels was, you guessed it, in the garden… well actually the north side of the upper garden. We gave up six raised beds but I did save the soil.

The cost of a pole mount system was actually more than what I could build a shed for and you can always use another shed! So, with Alex and Wes tentatively scheduled for November/December we pulled the trigger! We ordered all the components from Colorado Solar and started clearing and digging.

We went with a “BI-Modal” system. It is grid tied and we sell back to REMC when we are producing more than we are using and we have a battery back-up system that powers critical loads when the grid is down.

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The One Line Plan

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