Time to energize (Part 4)

December 30th, 2014

Alex and Wes got us done just in time! December 30 we had the inspection by the County and REMC. REMC brought in a trainer from Ohio and several of their guys came to learn. I guess we are one of the first few in this rural area. We passed and are online!

OutBack Power has a new system called OpticsRE. We connected the Mate 3 to a wireless bridge and out through a secure internet connection to OutBack. There their system crunches the numbers and we can access (via any web browser) daily, weekly, mouthy, yearly and up to five years of stored statistic on our system. We can even control any accepts of the various OutBack components. Basically anything the Mate 3 can do through a clunky menu system can now be done with great ease thanks to a great User Interface.

Meanwhile I’ve been continuing to work on the siding and started to get the fencing back together. I made a back door that opens into the garden from the shed. That will be nice in the garden season!

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Time to energize (Part 3)

December 19th, 2014

Finally the fun part begins! Wes got the trenching and wiring started while Alex was up on the roof working on the racking. We ran three sets of wires from the new Solar Shed to the house. One was the really heavy gauge DC cable to take the the DC current into the house where the batteries, charge controller and invert are. Then we ran a straight 110V AC line so there could be good clean power in the new shed. Finally they laid the conduit for future expansion. We could add a straight grid tie later if we want.

Today we “Through the panels up!” To be honest the couple hours that took was visually rewarding but still anticlimactic. They still have a lot of wiring and configuring to do.

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