It’s a rainy grey Sunday.

December 3rd, 2012

It’s a rainy grey Sunday. Weekends are  the days I like to get stuff done. You know, the bigger projects and chores. Of course all the “stuff” is now wet. Oh well, we really needed the rain so no complaints – except it is in the 60’s! In December. A good day to stay in and cook – well eat for me!

Yesterday afternoon we moved the little chicken coup, which had been home to this years chicks and the turkeys, into the big yard. The new hens of that batch had already been moved there and the roosters all moved into the freeze. One roster did escape the hatchet though. We needed a new boss man for the flock since our trusted old friend, Rocky, was snatched by the coyotes this spring during their pup rearing period. Broad daylight and right next to the house to boot! Makes me nervous foe the cats! So, Rocky2 is now a very happy boy. I also butchered one of the turkeys. That was harder than the chickens. Something about their eyes.

Now the small chicken yard need cleaned up. I’m going to remove the fence and get it all leveled off. That’s where I want to put a greenhouse someday.

The winter garden continues to do very well. No surprise with the abnormally warm weather. (Just keep saying, “Global Warming is just a liberal myth invented to destroy our way of life.” I think the few days of 20’s at night a week ago did finally kill the mustard greens. The mustard greens, spinach and Kale were the only thing exposed. Everything else is under the low tunnels. Those work great! I started three and a half beds of spinach this year. One is exposed the others are under the low tunnels. The ones in the low tunnels are five times the size of the exposed one so I’m sold on those – or a greenhouse one day. I’m still eating Swiss Chard, Mizuna, Spinach, Kale, one head of Pac Choy and even some Lettuce that sprouted from what was harvested months ago! There is garlic that was planted in the fall that looks like May’s growth might.

It seems as if we are still experiencing winter but the waves of warmer days are longer, warmer and unfortunately dryer. We are still 15 inches behind normal on rainfall for the year. What I take away from this is the fruit trees, berry bushes and grape vines will not go into a full hibernation and want to start blooming way early, like last year. While that may sound good in some respects we will inevitable still have some more normal weeks of cold weather after things have flowered and that will kill off most of the crop for the year… Of course the bugs wont die off either so they’ll be a bigger nuisance next year.

This is where I am trying really hard to apply lessons learned in Al-non. The “Serenity Prayer” really helps.

God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

Courage to change the things I can, 

And Wisdom to know the difference.

So today is the last day of a later than normal hunting season but I’m not out hunting. It’s too damn warm! Plus the Meridian Passing time thing has been all wrong this year. With the exception of opening day it has been really quite around here. We can usually hear shots fired all around us form dawn to dusk the whole season. There have been scant few shots lately. Although one Yahoo West of here must have really had it the other day. I heard one ka-boom from a shotgun followed four more in rapidly increasing progression. A moment after I thought it was safe to continue what I was doing I literally heard a fully automatic let loose at least 20 rounds. My guess is the deer got away. You can tell by the way people shoot – and the machine gun finale was proof positive. Morons…

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