Meridian Passing Time

November 29th, 2012

To all my hunting friends wondering where all the deer are.

The “Meridian Passing Time” is what I call the “noon moon.” That’s when the moon is directly above. It’s high tide for those living by the sea. The last few weeks the noon moon has been at night, hence my border collie “Tucker” going nuts all night! Starting December 6th the noon moon will start to cycle around at 6:31 am. Then 7:18 am on the 7th.

The buck I got on opening day was shot at 4:30pm. The noon moon for Nov. 17th was 4:24pm. Since then the noon moon has been later and later at night.

We’ll be done with shotgun season (yes we have to hunt with shotguns here in Indiana…) then… but muzzleloader season start the next week.

By this I do not mean you’ll not get a deer at other times, rather this is when all living things are so moved to be active and are the most alert. Ever wake up in the middle of the night and not be able to get back to sleep? Has it happened in the last week or so? Might be the moon (insert howl!).

You should never pick fruit at the noon moon because the moon’s gravity has pushed up the ground water into the plants making them less sweet. Pick when the moon is rising or setting.

I find it interesting just how far from the earth, and moon, we have all become in the pursuit  of modern life. I am lucky I can squeak out a living from my home in the woods. I do spend a lot of time out in the woods with my eyes closed listening and smelling.

Good luck with you quest for venison on the table.


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