Welcome to Knob Creek Farms where you’ll find our first proud steps towards personal Resilience in uncertain times. We’ve been here since the spring of 2008 and keep busy with the gardens, orchards, chopping wood, building some new things (using as much old things as possible) and generally living as low an impact life as we can.

Latest Blog Posts

Another record month!


Even though we had a third of the month in heavy clouds and rain, another third in general grey bla and a good third in clean clear sunny days we still set a record. 406.9 kWh! [gallery link="file"… click for more...

What the H#!! is it?


It has really poured the last couple of days. The kind of heavy downpours that make visibility fall to only a hundred feet or so. During a break in the rain I went out to pick some Spinach for lunch a… click for more...

384.8kWh for March!

Screen shot 2015-03-31 at 3.50.37 PM

Last day of the month and we have a new monthly record—384.8kWh! January we did 237kWh and February it was 271.6kWh. Very efficient system. I hope the Latitude challenged summer sun can keep this at… click for more...

Potatoes and such


Last year I was a Rural King, buying seed potatoes and onion sets, and started a conversation with an older gentleman (I guess I'm now an older gentleman too...) about when to plant potatoes. He ha… click for more...

Going solar – some thoughts


Solar (Photovoltaics) is great! Don't let any negative spin turn your head. They simply make electricity from the sunlight for free (once you've paid for them and have them installed). We had wanted … click for more...